AUASB issues revised Foreword to AUASB Pronouncements (March 2021)

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

The AUASB has released a revised version of the Foreword to AUASB Pronouncements (Foreword).  Changes were necessary to align the Foreword with the AUASB’s new Due Process Framework for Developing, Issuing and Maintaining AUASB Pronouncements and Other Publications (Due Process Framework), which was approved by the AUASB at its December 2020 meeting and subsequently published for comment.  A small number of other amendments were made to the Foreword to bring its content up to date and to improve linkage to related framework pronouncements and policy documents.

The Foreword provides an overview of the range and hierarchy of pronouncements and other materials issued by the AUASB.  It includes high level principles to determine the purpose, authority, enforceability and content of pronouncements and other materials issued by the AUASB.

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