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17 Oct. 2017

New Auditor Reporting FAQs available

We are continuing to develop FAQs to assist stakeholders with the implementation of the new requirements.

The following FAQs have been added to the website:

  1. Can a subsequent event which provides evidence of conditions that arose after the date of the financial report be communicated as a key audit matter or an emphasis of matter in the auditor’s report?
  2. If a matter meets the definition of a key audit matter and is also fundamental to users’ understanding of the financial report (meets the criteria for an emphasis of matter), how is this communicated in the auditor’s report?
  3. Is the Director’s Report other information?
  4. Does the Remuneration Report form part of other information?  If the auditor is providing an opinion on the Remuneration Report, how does this affect the reporting on other information?
  5. When do audit reports on financial reports of non-listed entities include an other information section?

These have been added to previously released FAQs which address:

  • What has changed in the auditor’s report?
  • What are Key Audit Matters, and when and how are they communicated?
  • Auditor Responsibility Statements, and how to make reference to the statements on the AUASB website.
  • What is the auditor’s responsibility in relation to other information and what does the auditor’s report include?
  • How are matters related to going concern reported in the auditor’s report?
  • How do the changes impact the auditor’s report on Special Purpose Financial Reports and Summary Financial Reports?


Your feedback and suggestions on what additional guidance is required will help us continue to add to this resource. Please send your suggestions to